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Experience Granite City Coworking Space

  • Unbeatable location… (no stuffy business park here)
  • Vibrant community… diverse group of entrepreneurs, remote workers, startups, and professionals.
  • ACCESS & OPTIONS… electronic door access, multiple space options, and extended hours. (24/7 available)

Allllll the options.

Granite City has a coworking vibe and esthetic for everyone.  Check out our various options including: The Nook, HQ, The Library, The Cove, The Patio, and The Loft.  You are certain to find your people and your comfy place at Granite City.

Do you like to sit or stand, loud music or silence, indoors or out?  We got you.

Oh… and we have all the greenery.

Location Location Location

Located in Folsom’s Historic District, just steps to the trails and Lake Natoma. Enjoy access to restaurants and shopping across the street as well.

Build Your Community

Through daily, weekly, monthly events and programs, we find ways to build community in ways that are relevant to YOU. Like to run the trails? Let’s run. Like to #eatlocal? Let’s eat. Like to brainstorm and problem solve? Let’s solve some problems.

Keep it Flexy.

Flex work is here to stay, and we’re making it easy on you and your team. Whether it’s coming through to regroup with your remote team, focusing up on priorities, or doing some team building, let us help you maximize your in-person time together.

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