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Improve the Improv: A Unique Approach to Better Collaboration, Communication, and Creative Problem Solving

May 16, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Leadership Development – Creativity & Fun
Are you looking for ways to transform your team dynamics and improve your ability to collaborate, communicate, and creatively problem solve? Look no further than our “Improv with Improv” workshop!
Led by team building expert, mental health advocate, and Founder of ImprovEQ, Betsaida LeBron, this workshop offers a playful and stress-busting approach to building resilience, connection, and joy. Using neuroscience-based games and exercises, you’ll learn how to infuse the work environment with positive energy, manage change more effectively, and overcome obstacles together with your team. Whether you’re a manager, aspiring leader, or simply looking to improve your interpersonal skills, this workshop is designed to help you become more aware, playful, and effective. You’ll explore strategies for adapting your leadership style, building trust with staff and colleagues, and leveraging the internal support system of other managers.
Through a series of fun and low-risk activities, you’ll learn to embrace mistakes as a powerful teacher and develop emotional intelligence (EQ) to stay focused and concentrated under pressure. You’ll also have the opportunity to rethink the way you work and create a culture that is positive and collaborative.
So come prepared to laugh, learn, and unleash your ability to collaborate, communicate, and creatively problem-solve with your team. We create a safe, playful, and supportive space where you can ask questions, collaborate with peers, experiment with new techniques, and learn the latest leadership skills and people management strategies.
Best for: Managers, Aspiring Managers, Leaders, Entrepreneurs


Granite City Event Center
705 Gold Lake Dr. Ste 150
Folsom, CA 95630 United States
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