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New Debt Company with AI focus Has Granite City Roots

A new startup company called “Debt Busters” has been gaining rapid popularity due to its innovative use of AI technology in providing high-quality debt relief services to its customers. The company has been delivering exceptional customer service and using cutting-edge technology to make the process of debt relief seamless, efficient, and cost-effective. It has a big part of its roots here, at Granite City Coworking with member Chris Warren being on its founding team through his consultancy Mendocino Management.

Debt Busters has been founded on the principle of making debt relief accessible and affordable to everyone. The company understands the stress and anxiety associated with being in debt and aims to provide a personalized solution to every customer’s unique financial situation.

One of the unique features of Debt Busters is its use of AI in its daily work. The company used AI in its naming, its logo creation, and as assistant for content creation already. They us an AI tool to cordinate calendars between team leaders and executives . The company is developing an AI-assistant that helps customers navigate the debt relief process seamlessly. The AI-assistant will provide customers with relevant information about debt relief, suggests the best debt relief options based on the customer’s financial situation, and guides them through the entire process from start to finish. The AI-assistant has been designed to provide a self-service experience to customers, reducing the need for human intervention and making the process faster and more efficient. Customers can access the AI-assistant through the company’s website or mobile app, 24/7.

Discussions and workshops about Chat GPT, Mid Journey, and other AI-based tools were and are frequent at Granite City, and Debt Busters co-founder Chris Warren felt like it provided a community of entrepeneurs pushing the boundaries of how the technology could be applied practically to make the go to market process more efficient.

Debt Busters has been experiencing remarkable growth since its inception. The company has reported 125% month over month growth, which is a testament to the effectiveness of its debt relief solutions and exceptional customer service. The company’s success can be attributed to its ability to provide customers with a seamless and efficient debt relief process that reduces stress and saves time and money.

“We are thrilled to be experiencing such rapid growth,” said Byron Cavell, CEO of Debt Busters. “Our team has worked hard to develop innovative debt relief solutions that are personalized to each customer’s unique financial situation. We are proud of our AI-assistant, which has helped thousands of customers navigate the debt relief process with ease.”

Debt Busters has gained a reputation for providing exceptional customer service. The company’s team of experts has decades of experience in the financial services and debt relief industry, and they are dedicated to providing customers with a hassle-free and personalized experience. The company’s customer service team is available round the clock to answer any questions or concerns customers may have.

“We understand that being in debt can be a stressful and overwhelming experience,” said Mr. Cavell. “Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service and guiding our customers through the debt relief process with ease. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, and we are here to help our customers get back on track.”

Debt Busters is committed to making debt relief accessible and affordable to everyone. The company’s innovative use of AI technology, exceptional customer service, and commitment to providing personalized debt relief solutions have made it a leader in the debt relief industry.

While Debt Busters has been taking Chriss’ time away from Granite City appearances, he still keeps his business consultancy Mendocino Management( in the GC community and hopes to return more frequently once the startup mode at Debt Busters stabilizes.

For more information about Debt Busters, visit their website at
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Byron Cavell, CEO
Debt Busters
Phone: (916)274-7601